RCH Capital, LLC is a privately held mortgage banking firm which, through the sponsorship and creation of affiliated investment entities, acts as a principal in the acquisition of commercial mortgages. Utilizing its proprietary underwriting model, it acquires mortgages of varying credit performance characteristics located throughout the United States.

Headquartered in St. Petersburg, Florida, RCH management has extensive experience in real estate finance, real estate and mortgage underwriting, troubled debt restructuring, asset management, and loan servicing.

RCH Capital was founded in 2007, however, the genesis of its business platform in the acquisition, management and workout of commercial mortgage debt dates back to 1991 through its principal founder in the establishment of a private equity company to acquire distressed commercial mortgages.

Since 2002, the platform has included the sponsorship and formation of closed-end mortgage funds through private placement limited partnerships made available only to accredited investors. Investors in the funds have historically received superior investment returns on a risk adjusted basis.